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Take Control of Your Business Finances

Posted by David Knecht on February 16, 2015

You most likely started your business because you are really good at something or knew how do something better. Maybe it was product design, marketing, manufacturing, etc. More often than not though, finance is not your strong suit. For many business owners, business finance is an area where they lack clarity and direction; it is even a source of stress and fear.

It Does Not Have to be That Way.

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4 Insights on Business Valuation

Posted by David Knecht on December 03, 2014

In November, we held our last Financial Coaching to Survive and Thrive training session of the year. We had great sessions in Glendale and Irvine and thoroughly enjoyed the additional information from our guest business brokers. 

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Return on Investment for Business Owners

Posted by David Knecht on October 21, 2014

Session five of our Financial Coaching to Survive and Thrive series took place in Glendale and Irvine last week. In our group of business owners, we discussed Return on Investment (ROI) and the Altman Z Score 

For those of you who couldn’t make it to either session, here is a quick recap on ROI. 

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7 Areas to Jump Start Your Strategic Plan

Posted by David Knecht on July 07, 2014

A business plan can be an invaluable management tool, if it is well prepared, reviewed, and updated on a regular basis.

It can serve as a map for making the daily decisions with which a growing business contends. Financial backers, venture capitalists, private investors and even bankers seek business plans as the first step toward investment decisions. 

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2 Ways to Put Your Financial Statements to Work

Posted by David Knecht on May 24, 2014

This past Thursday morning we had a great time hosting session one of our Financial Coaching to Survive and Thrive. In this session, we covered financial statements basics.

Here are two gems of information that we shared in Thursday's training on putting your financial statements to work.

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What Type of Tax Help Does Your Company Really Need?

Posted by David Knecht on January 22, 2014

The decision regarding a tax return preparer for your company hinges on two key factors:

Growth & Complexity

Even two companies in the same industry with the exact same amount of revenue can differ in the amount of tax help they need. 

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