Return on Investment for Business Owners

Posted by David Knecht on October 21, 2014

Session five of our Financial Coaching to Survive and Thrive series took place in Glendale and Irvine last week. In our group of business owners, we discussed Return on Investment (ROI) and the Altman Z Score 

For those of you who couldn’t make it to either session, here is a quick recap on ROI. 

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3 Items to Know Before You Move Data to the Accounting Cloud

Posted by Craig Wilson on October 02, 2014

At the 2014 Scaling New Heights conference in San Antonio, Brad Smith, CEO of Intuit, spoke at length about QuickBooks Online and the future of accounting data and processes. His vision, along with that of other industry leaders, is a future where the majority of businesses have cloud-based accounting technologies in place. With major accounting software systems such as QuickBooks, Xero and Freshbooks already marching to the cloud, business owners have a lot of considerations to make before moving their financial data to the cloud.


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3 Tips To Improve Your Chart of Accounts

Posted by Sev Grigorian on September 10, 2014

One questions that I often recieve from clients is what should I do to improve my chart of accounts? To answer that I have here 3 tips to improve your chart of accounts. 

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Are Your Funds Actively Managed?

Posted by Michael Milam on September 05, 2014

As I work on new client’s personal financial planning, I am always disappointed in how the rascals in the wealth management business take advantage of their clients. We are constantly working with clients to make sure they have a plan that fits and that such a plan is actually being followed.

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7 Areas to Jump Start Your Strategic Plan

Posted by David Knecht on July 07, 2014

A business plan can be an invaluable management tool, if it is well prepared, reviewed, and updated on a regular basis.

It can serve as a map for making the daily decisions with which a growing business contends. Financial backers, venture capitalists, private investors and even bankers seek business plans as the first step toward investment decisions. 

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4 Business Credit Tips for Business Owners

Posted by Rex Ours on June 24, 2014

 This past week we continued our business owner’s series of Financial Coaching to Survive & Thrive with session two on credit and your financials.

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What is the Difference Between a CPA, an EA, & a Bookkeeper?

Posted by Helen Park on June 20, 2014

 As an accountant, countless times I’ve received questions such as:
“What is a CPA?”
“Do you keep the books of your clients?”
“Do you file taxes all year long?”
“What test do you take to become an EA vs. CPA?” 

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Traditional and Roth IRA Basics

Posted by Emily Tafua on June 13, 2014

We recently held our annual 401(k) meeting where our investments administrator came to our firm and gave us a presentation on the state of our 401(k). In addition to that information, he answered questions we had about our account or investing. Our investment administrator, explained the differences between the two types of IRA’s, and what we should consider when choosing which retirement account is right for us. 

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What Business Expenses are Deductible?

Posted by Tabish Khan on June 06, 2014

When I was an auditor working for the State of California’s Franchise Tax Board (FTB), I saw some very interesting expenses that taxpayers claimed and hoped would qualify as deductible business expenses. I have audited taxpayers who deducted personal vehicles as business expenses, personal costs as consulting expenses, or fines and penalties as dues and subscriptions (yes, parking fines are not considered business expenses). Based on the experience and the knowledge I obtained at the FTB, I would like to identify some expenses which are deductible and some which are not.

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2 Ways to Put Your Financial Statements to Work

Posted by David Knecht on May 24, 2014

This past Thursday morning we had a great time hosting session one of our Financial Coaching to Survive and Thrive. In this session, we covered financial statements basics.

Here are two gems of information that we shared in Thursday's training on putting your financial statements to work.

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