6 Tax-Saving Strategies to Implement BEFORE December 31

Posted by Emily Tafua on December 01, 2016

The cooler weather is hinting that the holidays are right around the corner, which means that the end of the year is upon us. Now is the right time to plan your year-end tax strategy in order to maximize your savings before December 31st!

Below are a variety of tax-saving strategies individuals and/or business owners should consider implementing:

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Meet Our New Team Members

Posted by Hector Olguin on September 24, 2015

So far this year has been a big growth year for the firm and our team. Since January we have added six staff accountants and one tax manager to our team. 

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How to Know If You Have Outgrown Your Accountant

Posted by Rex Ours on May 20, 2015

Your accountant is a critical part of your financial team. It is very important for you to have the right one on your team. So how do you know if it is time to get a new accountant? 

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Milestones in Leadership Takeaways 2015

Posted by Hector Olguin on May 12, 2015

On Friday, May 1st we joined 350+ business owners at the Milestones in Leadership Summit in Huntington Beach. It was a day full of entrepreneurial energy and great insights from our speaker Cameron Herold.

Below are eight takeaways from Cameron’s presentation. If you didn’t make it this year, we hope you can join us next year. 

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Take Control of Your Business Finances

Posted by David Knecht on February 16, 2015

You most likely started your business because you are really good at something or knew how do something better. Maybe it was product design, marketing, manufacturing, etc. More often than not though, finance is not your strong suit. For many business owners, business finance is an area where they lack clarity and direction; it is even a source of stress and fear.

It Does Not Have to be That Way.

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Buying an Annuity? Talk to Your CPA First

Posted by Michael Milam on February 06, 2015

As a CPA I often have the opportunity to review the financial position of many new clients. One of the items that constantly gives me a lot of grief is finding annuities held by new clients in situations that are not appropriate.  I always think, had they just given me a call to discuss the pros and cons they would not have gotten themselves locked into the contract that does not fit their current goals or will not be flexible when their circumstances change.

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Repairs vs. Capital Improvements

Posted by Cheuk Wong on February 03, 2015

Besides picking out the perfect addition or decoration for your rental property, you also need to think about whether the expense is considered a repair or maintenance type cost or capital improvement expenditure for tax purposes.  This is very important because it significantly impacts your tax deductions if you are not in the trade or business of renting properties.

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4 Insights on Business Valuation

Posted by David Knecht on December 03, 2014

In November, we held our last Financial Coaching to Survive and Thrive training session of the year. We had great sessions in Glendale and Irvine and thoroughly enjoyed the additional information from our guest business brokers. 

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Return on Investment for Business Owners

Posted by David Knecht on October 21, 2014

Session five of our Financial Coaching to Survive and Thrive series took place in Glendale and Irvine last week. In our group of business owners, we discussed Return on Investment (ROI) and the Altman Z Score 

For those of you who couldn’t make it to either session, here is a quick recap on ROI. 

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3 Items to Know Before You Move Data to the Accounting Cloud

Posted by Craig Wilson on October 02, 2014

At the 2014 Scaling New Heights conference in San Antonio, Brad Smith, CEO of Intuit, spoke at length about QuickBooks Online and the future of accounting data and processes. His vision, along with that of other industry leaders, is a future where the majority of businesses have cloud-based accounting technologies in place. With major accounting software systems such as QuickBooks, Xero and Freshbooks already marching to the cloud, business owners have a lot of considerations to make before moving their financial data to the cloud.


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